7 – 13 September 2014

With the contribution and participation of Chiara Scarpitti

The concept of seriality developed with the Industrial Revolution as the production of a certain number of identical objects designed with criteria of inexpensiveness and (multiple) reproducibility in contrast to the crafts or artistic one-off piece. With the birth of digital production techniques new perspectives opened up: the difference between one-off and pieces are annulled, and a fundamental feature of seriality becomes the design of a concept with its product possibilities.

The workshop offers ideas for reflection and design oriented towards creating serial products. The participants will develop a design concept and a small collection of products.
The following areas will be addressed:

Concept/collection and concept of variation;

Theoretical Outline of form and composition;

Mechanical and digital production techniques;

Communication of contemporary jewellery 3.0 and new possibilities of online sales.

Total hours : 42

Price : Euro 1.260 (incl. VAT)

Admission requirements
The course is open to students, graduates and professionals in the jewellery sector.
According to their skills and interests, participants may be divided into work groups of 2 or more people.

We require
Completion of a personal info sheet (downloadable from the site) with photographs of three objects representative of your work, from an aesthetic and conceptual or other point of view. A photograph of a real object to bring to the workshop as a thematic idea.

Materials and tools to be paid for by the student
Paper, pencils, colours, cardboard, cutters, scissors, glue, plasteline, wax, various other materials.
Laptop. We advise everyone to bring a camera.

The course will take place with a minimum of 8 enrolments.