2019年Preziosa Young国际青年珠宝设计师大赛暨展览
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Are you a goldsmith, a designer, an artist, and you’re under 35?
The announcement for the selection of
PREZIOSA YOUNG 2019 is now open!

Do not miss the opportunity to participate to PREZIOSA, the most prestigious Italian exhibition dedicated to the contemporary goldsmith research.

The competition is organized by LAO, Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence, in cooperation with PREZIOSA cultural association, and with:
-Florence city Administration;
-Inhorgenta fair, Munich (Germany);
-The Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg (Russia);
-Ganjam and Son, Bangalore, India;
-OMA, Florence;
-KLIMT02, Barcelona, Spain

We invite worldwide artists, goldsmiths, silversmiths, designers, professionals, students to present projects that illustrate the work in which they are currently involved.
The objects presented for the competition must be not than two years older.
5 to 8 participants will be selected by the international panel and exhibited in specially designed exhibition spaces at PREZIOSA 2019, Florence Jewellery Week ( ).
A catalogue will be published, to introduce the selected artists with a short biography, full colour images and a description of the work.
During the exhibition, the winner of the LAO special prize, and for the INHORGENTA prize will be officially announced.
The creative process, the reasons, the objectives of the candidates should be explained through the objects and the statement submitted to the jury.
The selection will be based on:
-The quality of design and manufacture of the pieces;
-The contemporary use of the materials;
-The conceptual and technical innovation.

Worldwide artists, goldsmiths, silversmiths, designers, professionals, students, may submit their candidature, provided that they are not older than 35 years by the end of 2018.

Entries are free of charge apart from the costs for the shipment and related insurance of the items to and from Florence for the selected artists.

Items submitted for the competition can be handcrafted, or produced by machinery, in 3D
technology. The objects can be made in any material. The only condition relating to the admission of the objects, is that they must be objects to wear.

– PREZIOSA prize. The works of the selected participants will be presented in May-June 2019, in Florence, in conjunction with FLORENCE JEWELLERY WEEK 2019, and a full colour catalogue will be published.
– LAO special prize. One of the selected artists will be invited to Florence for a period of one to three months, as Artist in residence.
– INHORGENTA prize. One of the selected artists will be awarded with a free space for the participation as exhibitor to the 2020’s edition of the fair.

Applicants should fulfil the on-line registration form and provide all the requested information.

DEADLINE November 15th 2018

The selection of the winners will be made going through the images and text submitted by the candidates. In the case that the jury deems it necessary, candidates will be requested to send objects for the final evaluation.
Privacy of the selection process
The online registration form has been structured so as each participant will be identified by an automatically generated numerical code. The jury will have access only to the data required for the selection, but not to the name and personal information of the candidates.

The PREZIOSA YOUNG exhibition will take place in conjunction with the international exhibition/conference PREZIOSA, FLORENCE JEWELLERY WEEK, May-June 2019, inFlorence.

Fang Jin Yeh_2

Fang Jin Yeh: Mimicry. My impression of the sea creatures,2015,Silver, paper, coral, paint, stainless steel,60x90x30mm