La scuola organizza delle attività extra con docenti, artisti e designer che con il loro contributo, arricchiscono la preparazione scolastica dei nostri studenti. Queste attività rappresentano un’importante occasione per conoscere e lavorare insieme ad artisti di fama internazionale. La scuola ha invitato per il 2014: Philip Sajet e Xavier Ines Monclùs

Philip Sajet workshop

DESIRE AND GREED (Desiderio e Avidità)
from 24 to 28 march 2014
The aim of the workshop is to give to the student, the experience of having gone trough the whole of the process of having an image or fantasy and materialising this to a concrete presenable object.

Xavier Ines Monclùs workshop

from 28 to 30 april 2014
The starting point for this workshop is for the participants to choose from and gather together a small array of pictorial images which they have already had around them in their everyday surroundings. These images will be used as the basis for making compositions, using basic jewellery techniques combined with wood and small objects, all assembled as a collage. A technique whereby hollow metal shapes are constructed will be taught, as well as the use and potential of colour. The aim is to awaken the participants hnical reflections throughout this process of creating pieces of jewellery.