Kajan Amir Raouf

Kajan Amir Raouf

Dubai, United Arabian Emirates

Kajan Amir Raouf is a UAE based designer of Kurdish Origins, after graduating from high school in Dubai, she embarked on her journey to becoming the designer and gemmologist she is today. She started her professional education in Canada with a Bachelors of Business Administration from Trent University. After graduating with high honours from University, she pursued her lifelong passion for Jewelry, by obtaining her jewelry design certifications from Le Arti Orafe in Florence, which prides itself in being one of the oldest and most prestigious jewelry schools in Europe. As a fresh graduate of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School
Via dei Serragli 104/124
50124 Firenze (Italy)
Tel.: +39 055 2280131
Fax: +39 055 2280163

Via dei Serragli, 104/124
50124 Firenze (Italy)
REA: FI530890
Cap. Soc. 10.000 euro
Part. iva 05231090480
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