FJW – Connecting worlds / Artistic research, handicrafts, design, new technologies.
LAO – Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School
,  in Florence, is organizing an intensive 7-day event devoted to the jewellery world and the complex relationships between artistic research, crafts and design. The event also aims to focus on the cultural aspects of identity/diversity, which is one of the main topics of the debate in recent years.

Opening Ceremony Thursday, May 28 at 18.00. Santo Spirito Cloister

General program  (please, download the full program in PDF)
Various activities are planned, all of them hosted in evocative and beautiful places in the “Oltrarno” district, which has also been home to LAO’s venues since 1985.

Exhibitions – Invited Artists
Mimì Moscow, Nora Fok, Bifei Cao, Wang Zhenghong, Wang Kezhen, Han Sang Deok, Jie Sun, Tithi Kutchamuch, Seoyeon Lee, Daniela Hedman

Workshops and jewellery presentations
Philip Sajet – “Please, no diamonds today”
Xavier Monclús – “Objet Trouvé”

->info workshop

Maria Cristina Bergesio, Art critic and teacher, Florence
Shannon Guo, Associate Professor, Jewelry and Metals Studio, Fine Arts College of Shanghai University and Artistic Director Two Cities Gallery, Shanghai
Martina Dempf, Jewellery Designer and Social Anthropologist, Berlin
Barbara Schmidt, Jewellery designer, director of the Akademie für Gestaltung, Munich
Costanza Menchi, Fashion Research Consultant, Florence
Shruti Agrawal, Gunjan Shruti Jewellery, Mumbai

Special Sections
The magical of India
Traditional Jewellery from Africa

New technologies for goldsmiths and artists

The master craftsmen

Lao’s 30th Anniversary
The school is organizing a meeting between alumni, from different generations and from all over the world, who have remained emotionally attached to the school and to Florence; it will include a “brain-storming” discussion and cultural exchanges through the stories of the participants’ professional experiences in different countries. The meeting will also be an opportunity to officially launch the creation of the “international network of exchange and collaboration” among LAO’s former students.

All the FJW’s activities are hosted in the “OLTRARNO” district, the most authentic and active in town, which since 1985 has been the LAO’s home.

– Fondazione Salvatore Romano, P.zza S.Spirito 29
– Istituto dei Bardi, Via dei Michelozzi 2
– ZetaEffe Gallery, Via Maggio 47/R
– Liceo Artistico Statale di Porta Romana, Piazzale Porta Romana 9
– LAO, Via dei Serragli 104
– Chiostro delle Leopoldine, P.zza Tasso
– Istituto Pio X Artigianelli, Via dei Serragli 104

Map of the events: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z12nx7GsRc1Y.kZv3u-z3Xlhg
Download the complete program