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LAO is the best place in Italy to learn both the techniques and the concepts relating to the planning and design of jewellery. Thanks to the teaching programmes developed over the years and the professionalism of our teachers, the school can offer various courses based on the needs of individual students, who can quickly learn the techniques for the graphical representation of jewellery, no matter what their basic training is. The course is aimed at those who want to develop their creativity, and the objective is the creation of a collection that will take into account cost assessment, methods of production and fashion trends.

The length of these courses varies from a minimum of six months to a maximum of two academic years, for courses that can be just practical or practical-theoretical.

The two-year course offers a complete training programme, both practical and theoretical.

In addition to the lessons in technical drawing, design and rendering (16-20 hours per week), the main courses include some hours per week of the history of jewellery, and the annual courses also include a basic module of introduction to CAD. Short and intensive courses are organised in the summer period (July-September), and other courses are offered in the section Academic Courses. During the summer period an Intensive Course is offered.

There follows a summary description of the courses.


Title of Course: The four-quarters course
Course Code: DIAB
Contents: The complete design course, and includes DIA and DIA.AV courses
Total hours: 880. October 2016 to March, 2017
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 11.000

Title of Course: Jewellery Design. One-year course
Course Code: DIA
Contents: Technical drawing, rendering, history of the jewellery, Rhinoceros, Flamingo, fashion and trends, project design
Total hours: 700
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 8.500

Title of Course: Three-month advanced course
Course Code: DIA.AV
Contents: Technical drawing, advanced rendering, Rhinoceros, Flamingo
Total hours: 180. October to December
Retta totale, IVA inclusa: Euro 3.200

Title of Course: Jewellery Design. Six-month practical course
Course Code: DISP
Contents: Tecnica drawing, rendering, project design
Total hours: 400. October to March
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 6.000

Title of Course: Jewellery Design. Three-month practical course
Course Code: DIS3
Contents: Technical drawing and rendering
Total hours: 180. October to December
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 3.200

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